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Top Crosses Of Australian Shepherd Mix Breeds: A Comprehensive Guide

A dog breed created by crossing an Australian Shepherd with a different purebred breed is known as an Australian Shepherd mix. The intelligent Australian Shepherd was first bred to handle cattle, and they have a reputation for having a strong work ethic.

The possibilities are unlimited when crossing this lovely breed with other purebred canines to create a variety of new dog breeds where the offspring inherit diverse characteristics from their parents!

Find out more about Australian Shepherd mix below, and decide if one of these breeds would be a good fit for your household.

What is an Australian Shepherd Mix?

Popular all over the world, the Australian Shepherd, or Aussie, is ranked 17th out of 193 dogs by the American Kennel Club (AKC). They were originally observed in South Western America in the 19th century. Their moniker is a little deceptive because their forefathers traveled from Australia to the United States.

These dogs are stunning, with coats that are multicolored and frequently vivid blue. They can have merle, black, white, or tan colors. Because they are so sweet and amiable, these puppies make wonderful family pets. Their high activity level and need for exercise make them quite happy to live in a family that enjoys going on runs or hikes. But the Australian is also a great working dog, and farmers tend to like them.

Due to their popular characteristics, Australian Shepherds are highly sought-after for crossbreeding; as a result, many breeds exist that are the offspring of purebred Australian Shepherds.

Why should I purchase a mixed Australian Shepherd?

The popularity of these designer breeds, which are created by mating an Australian Shepherd with a different purebred dog, is growing. Australian Shepherds are stunning canines with a variety of hues, and when they are crossed with other breeds, the resulting puppies have a wide range of personalities and adorable characteristics.

These mixed breeds typically acquire the intelligence and work ethic from their Australian Shepherd parents. When combined with the sociability of a Labrador or the activity level of a Golden Retriever, they make the ideal family dog. As a prospective dog owner, you have an abundance of options due to the abundance of Aussie mix breeds. It's almost like you can select the characteristics you like in a future dog by deciding which two breeds to cross to produce your ideal pup.

When compared to a purebred, is an Australian Shepherd Mix healthier?

The question of whether mixed-breed dogs are healthier than purebred ones has been the subject of much conjecture. Due to their greater genetic diversity, mixed Australian Shepherds are generally believed to be healthier dogs. This may indicate that they have a lower chance of developing any inherited illnesses. Many people adore them since they are also more intelligent than purebred dogs.

Check out our top 7 Australian Shepherd mix breeds by reading on if you're ready to learn more about each one.

Australian Shepherd Mix Breeds

Aussiedors – Labrador Retrievers and Australian Shepherds.

A mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Labrador is called an Aussiedor. Since 1991, the Labrador has been the most popular dog in America; therefore, breeding them with an Aussie is a unique experience. These puppies are smart, obedient, loving, and faithful—all qualities of a true family dog. They are great with kids, but they also make great guard dogs or watchdogs.

Typically, this medium-sized dog weighs between forty and eighty pounds. Being an active dog, the Aussiedor makes an excellent hiking or walking companion for its family. They are entertaining to be around because they are extremely trainable and enjoy playing games like fetch!

Texas Heeler – Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog hybrids

The Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog, often known as the Blue Heeler, are the parents of the Texas Heeler. Since Australian Shepherds are also herding dogs, and blue heelers are well-known for being herding dogs, the result is the perfect herding dog!

These dogs are too energetic for a slower-paced, more laid-back lifestyle. They are great working dogs, but they must live in an area where they can spend most of the day outside exercising. Although they get along well with kids, they have a history of being a bit herd when around young ones.

So that they don't grow bored, these puppies also require ongoing cerebral stimulation. They can be stubborn and suspicious of new people, which makes training them challenging at times! Nonetheless, Texas Heelers are incredibly devoted canines, and their constant goal is to please their owner.

Aussiedoodle – Poodle and Australian Shepherd combined

The Australian Shepherd and Poodle are crossed to create the Aussiedoodle, sometimes referred to as the Aussipoo. Because they were bred to be the best family and companion dogs, these canines are currently the most popular Aussie cross.

These dogs are highly intelligent and like interacting with people of various backgrounds. This includes kids, who's devoted and loving personalities are ideal for people of all ages. The Aussiedoodle is an energetic dog that particularly enjoys swimming, but working out with you will make them happy!

Since these dogs may experience separation anxiety, early socialization is necessary. Thankfully, their intelligence and obedience make them quite easy to teach, making them excellent choices for first dogs. Better yet, people with allergies will love their hypoallergenic coats!

Auberman – Doberman and Australian Shepherd

One of the largest hybrids of Australian Shepherds, the Auberman can grow to a height of 24 inches. These dogs, who are a mix between an Australian Shepherd and a Doberman Pinscher, are incredibly affectionate and amiable. They are the perfect guard dog since they are not scared to defend their group, but they are also highly protective.

The Auberman have to exercise for 60 to 90 minutes a day because of their high level of activity. They definitely need a firm touch, but they are fairly straightforward to teach. But, exercise caution when dealing with them; in addition to being highly sensitive dogs, they can become intimidated.

These canines get along well with families and are kind with kids. They are renowned for being really kind to people and do not act aggressively against strangers! These dogs are kind with children and get along well with families. They are well known for treating people incredibly nicely and for not acting hostilely toward strangers!

Dachsherd – Australian Shepherd with Dachshund

The Australian Shepherd and the Dachshund are crossed to create the Dachsherd. Given that the Australian Shepherd is more energetic than the Dachshund and vice versa, there is a noticeable personality clash between the two canines! The Dachsherd is renowned for being one of the less energetic Australian Shepherd mixes, which probably means you will end up with a dog that is in the middle.

These canines are very trainable and intelligent. Though they will require rigorous handling from their owner, given the correct circumstances, they can make wonderful family dogs. To make sure there are no undesirable tendencies, you will need to keep their brains active, but if you do, they can develop into good friends.

Aussiepom – Pomeranian and Australian Shepherd.

The Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian are crossed to create the Aussiepom. You may anticipate the Aussiepom to be little as well, as the Pomeranian is recognized for being a very petite, adorable toy breed. Though they are among the rarer Australian Shepherd mixes, these canines are unquestionably the cutest. Given that they are tiny enough to travel with you wherever you go, they make wonderful family pets!

The Aussiepom is a great family dog since it's amiable and gets along with kids, adults, and other household pets. Even though they are easy to teach and genuinely want to please their owners, they do not have a great desire for exercise. Regretfully, their coat requires a good deal of maintenance to keep them looking presentable!

Australian Retrievers – Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd hybrids

An Australian Shepherd and a Golden Retriever are bred to produce the Australian Retriever. Combining these two incredibly well-liked dogs results in an amazing dog! They inherit the liveliness and friendliness of a Golden Retriever along with the superb work ethic of an Australian Shepherd.

The Australian Retriever is a great playmate for kids and a great family dog. They make excellent first pets because they are easy to train and incredibly attentive and devoted dogs. These are energetic canines that will thrive in an active household that enjoys running, swimming, or hiking.

These puppies detest being left alone and adore being among people. Before deciding to adopt one of these pets into your house, be sure you can provide them with the love they need!

In brief

Popular family dogs, Australian Shepherds are renowned for their love and friendliness. This pup can be crossed with other purebred dogs to generate a broad variety of breeds, some of which we have already discussed. 

You can handpick the dog you believe will be most suited to your family based on your requirements and circumstances, as they all have distinct personalities and features. 

While the majority of the dogs on this list are energetic by nature, others have a more laid-back temperament, and some are intended to be working dogs. All of the dogs are Australian Shepherds. If you're looking to purchase high-quality pet products, make sure to visit the product page of the foremost dog products store - Ikeepet.


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